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AlikaSam Creations

AlikaSam Creations, LLC - Booth 1137

We combined our love for creating, recycling, and reusing materials into something we could share will all of you. Through trial and error and lots, and lots, and LOTS of glass bottles, we've perfected our processes to bring you every product you see. From candles, to glasses, and lights to birdfeeders, all of our products are hand-made from the comfort and love of our home using recycled glass bottles from various restaurants around the Kansas City area. We hope you grow to love our creations as much as we do!


AYAM Africa


Handcrafted Jewelry 
AYAM Africa is a socially conscious jewelry brand, designing and delivering pieces from the heart of Africa run strictly on fair trade principles.   All designs are hand made in Kenya from a variety of natural materials including: recycled glass, cow horn, bone, antique trade beads, brass, seeds and precious stones, all of which are sourced from across Africa and designed in collaboration with local artisans.

We make fabulous pieces of ethical jewelry, combining the beauty of traditional African designs with a modern twist. The one-off personality of our pieces create an inevitable statement.

By purchasing a piece of jewelry from AYAM Africa you directly help to develop a sustainable and reliable source of income for the Kenyan families involved in our project. 

 www.ayamafrica.netAYAM Africa


Cherly's Nut ButtersCheryl’s Nut Butters - Booth 609

Gourmet Food
Cheryl’s Nut Butters are FRESH, HEALTHY & TASTE AMAZING! There is ‘NO JUNK ADDED!’ They have NO added sugar or oil, NO soy, dairy or gluten & NO preservatives. I have 22 amazing flavors of peanut, almond, cashew, pistachio & sunflower.


Felicia's Fine Art & Jewelry

Felicia's Fine Art & Jewelry - Booth 1223

Fine Art Paintings & Jewelry
Hand Painted & Hand Crafted Artwork & Jewelry with impressionistic nature and Contemporary themes. Metals & wood with crystals, semiprecious stones & iridescent paints are used throughout these dreamy and beautiful series. I make original one of a kind beautiful art to wear, or display in your home. All items are available in a variety of styles, sizes & prices. If you like something dreamy & awesome, you will love this artwork...


Gardner's Wisconsin Cheese and SausageGardner's Wisconsin Cheese and Sausage - Booth 912

Artisan cheeese and sausage
We are a family of 14 siblings that over the past 4 decades have found our niche in producing specialty artisan cheese and sausage right here in the heart of America's dairyland. We pour our heart, soul, and reputation into the quality of our cheese and it shows. Give it one taste and you'll agree.

We have 10 varieties of cheese and 5 varieties of sausage. The cheeses are specialty cheeses of which the majority of the flavors cannot be found anywhere except at our creamery.

We pride ourselves on providing unique products that people have never seen before, but we also believe that the future of our business depends on providing our customers with a great overall experience at our booth. We have a conversation with every person that walks up, and they walk away with an extremely unique product, a great sense of where it came from, and a clear direction on what to do with it.


Gina Burns


Vintage and antique buttons used in different ways to create one of a kind treasures! 

Green Bea Tea Towels

Green bee KC Tea Towels - Booth 34

Hand printed tea towels


Heartwood Handcrafted

Heartwood Handcrafted - Booth 55

Handmade Salad Bowl
Our salad bowls are turned by hand on the lathe. Each bowl has started it's journey as a salvaged tree from the Lincoln, NE area. Each bowl is turned individually from a solid piece of hardwood and seasons for up to 18 months before being finished with a high quality, food safe finish. These bowls are the perfect addition to your home or kitchen, with a warmth and presence that can only be given by a high quality handmade item. 

Janet's Finest CompotesJanet's Finest Compotes - Booth 217

Fruit and Jalapeno Compotes
Over 20 years ago, Janet set out to create compotes with truly unique flavors using all-natural ingredients.  Since then, we have handcrafted each and every one of our compotes by slowly cooking each batch to perfection.  We pride ourselves in using all-natural recipes, handcrafted cooking and excellent customer service. 


KC Shave Co

KC Shave Co - Booth 934A

Men’s Fine Grooming
Handmade shave soaps, pre shave oils, aftershaves, beard oils and solid colognes. 



Liqui-Dirt - Booth 1017

Our starting product, (where it all began over 15 years ago). This is the very best soil amendment 100% organic and environmentally friendly. Made from 100% organic ingredients it is non-GMO and Pet Safe. It is great for houseplants flowers gardens or any planting area including lawns and trees.

Soil or Hydroponics
String Garden Plants (similar to Kokodama a Japenese form of Bonzi):
Each and every one is handmade taking time to fit each hand-selected plant into its new home, becoming a living work of art. They really need to be seen to be experienced... Our plants are grown in our on-site greenhouses on our farm. We grow our plants from cuttings and also from seed. We cultivate only the very best plants to give a one of a kind gift to that special gardener in your life. We grow many rare plants as well some are only grown in our greenhouses and nowhere else in the US.
Liqui-Dirt   www.liquidirt.com

Monastery Scents - Booth 48

Monastery Handcrafted Soap; Lotion Stuff; Scrub Stuff; Lip Stuff; Christmas gift boxes Soap, Lotion, Sugar

Scrubs and Lip Balms all made with Food Grade Ingredients


Monastery Scents

Poppy's Handmade Creations - Booth 537

Original design... one of a kind pieces

Necklaces; Earrings; bracelets..each piece is uniquely created from metals; wood; brass ; bronze; silver; leather; Stones and gems from around the world and the US.


The BAB Market

The BAB Market - Kairos 10 - Booth 1231

Kairos10 Jewelry, Necklaces, bracelets, fabric messenger bags

Our signature wrap bracelets are made of a variety of elements. The silver is taken to Ghana so we can make sure it is lead free. Beads made of recycled glass beads in Ghana are used along with brass beads made from scrap metal using the Lost Wax Casting method. Other elements used might be fish bones, animal bones, ceramic Kazuri beads from Kenya, silver beads made by the Sahara Nomads from old silver coins, Venetian beads, trading beads and more. 

The new tassel necklaces are made of the recycled glass beads and tassels made of recycled sari material from India and silk thread are attached. The sari ribbon is taken to Ghana where it's made into tassels. 

The BAB Marketwww.thebabmarket.com 

The Diana Collection Jewelry

The Diana Collection Jewelry - Booth 713

Semi-Precious stones fossils and pearl jewelry
Designed and hand crafted by a geologist for the maximum exposure of Mother Earth 's beauty. Little sterling is used to highlight the natural beauty in the stone pendants. Pendants are augmented with surrounding stones and pearls to complete the unique look of a necklace. Multi stone or pearl earrings and leather bracelets are also showcased.

Cluster stone pendants with charms called Dazzling Dangles come like all necklaces with unique cards highlighting the historical metaphysical uses of the stones.


The Glossatteer

The Glossatteer - Booth 4206

Watch Lady
This piece is made from a vintage watchmaker's tin, antique watch face, antique photo, and features a hand-painted curtain image, all embedded in resin. It's from a series entitled "Human Theater" and is one of a kind.


The Modest Mallow

The Modest Mallow - Booth 709

I make gourmet flavored marshmallows with all natural ingredients.


Urban Smirk - Booth 700

Urban Smirk 
What do you get when you combine an out-of-work art teacher, a love of sarcasm and a few art skills?  Kansas City artist Kari VanZante combined it all and out popped Urban Smirk kitchen towels!  Kari hand-draws and designs each towel idea. Inspiration comes from everywhere and she prides herself on creating towels that are super unique and for the quirky-of-heart.  One year ago she was printing each towel by hand at her kitchen island.  Now as business grows, she has found an local Kansas City screen printer to help with the printing process. 

People may start buying Urban Smirk kitchen towels for the funny factor, but they keep buying the towels for their excellent quality.  Towels have a slight waffle texture and are large and absorbent at 18x33 inches.


Wanda Dit It

Wanda Did It - Booth 100

Hand decorated shirts and pillows
Each shirt design is created and hand decorated by me. I offer a wide variety of designs, something for every lady. New this year for Christmas, is my "heart of candy canes" with Kansas City in the center of the heart. Also, shop for Special Sh*t seasonings at my booth. I was the first vendor to introduce this line of seasonings to Kansas City, and still have the least expensive prices on it.