Click Here for the 2018 Floor Plan.

Click Here for the 2018 Exhibitor Contract.


8x10  $1,319.20
10x10  $1,449.00
8x20  $2,638.40
10x20  $2,898
20x20  $5,596
Corner Fee  $200 per Corner
Exhibitor Listing (Required)  $79
New Exhibitor Marketing Package (Required for new exhibitors) $100

Payment for Exhibit Space Includes:

  • Draping: an 8’ high back drape and side drape, for smaller and connected spaces.

  • I.D. Signs: A standard company identification sign, 7”x44”.

  • Exhibitor Badges: Five (5) badges for every 100 square feet of exhibit space, up to 20 badges maximum.

  • Listing: Company listing in the Show Program, if space is contracted for no later than September 1st.

  • Internet: Wifi password and network will be provided.

Exhibitors are responsible for carpeting (all booths spaces require carpeting), tables and chairs within their exhibit spaces.  Exhibitors can bring their own items, or rent them from the Show Decorator, George Fern Company.  

Electrical service, water service, telephones and internet services can be obtained from Overland Park Convention Center.