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*2020 Floor Plan Coming Soon


  8x10  $1,340  Lower Level
10x10  $1,449  Lower Level
10x20  $2,898  Lower Level
20x20  $5,516  Lower Level

  8x10  $1,380  Upper Level
10x10  $1,499  Upper Level
  8x20  $2,760  Upper Level
10x20  $2,998  Upper Level
20x20  $5,716  Upper Level

Corner Fee:  $225  per corner
Exhibitor Listing:  $99  (Required for All Exhibitors)
New Exhibitor Marketing Package:  $100 (Required for New Exhibitors Only)

Deposit Schedule
33% with signed contract
33% payment due July 17, 2019
Final due on September 5, 2019

Payment for Exhibit Space Includes

  • Draping: An 8' high back drape and 8' high side drape, for smaller and connected spaces.
  • I.D. Sign: A standard company identification sign, 7" x 44".
  • Exhibitor Badges: 5 badges for every 100 square feet of exhibit space, up to a maximum of 20 badges.
  • Complimentary Tickets: 10 complimentary tickets for every 100 square feet of exhibit space, up to a maximum of 25 tickets.
  • Listing: Company listing in the Show Program & The Kansas City Star, if space is contracted for no later than October 25, 2019.

Exhibitors are responsible for carpeting (required for all booths), tables, chairs, and wastebaskets within their exhibit spaces. Exhibitors can supply their own items or rent from the show decorator. You many contact George Fern Company directly with any further questions.

Electrical service, water service, telephones and internet services can be purchased by visiting the Overland Park Convention Center website.


Promote your handmade products through this year’s ARTISAN
PRODUCTS feature. We’re looking for new makers to feature
on the show website and through social media. We’ll also be
promoting this feature through paid TV, radio, and print advertising.
Selected products will be given a “Artisan Products” floor decal to
be placed in front of their booth. Click Here for the Artisan 
Submission Form. Please provide a product image and short product description with your submission.
Deadline is Tuesday October 8th, 2019