Glassy Girls Kansas

Booth: 4403
255 N Michigan Street
Apt. 102
Lawrence, KS 66044
Up-cycled wine and beverage art and so much more! Wine bottle lights covered with gorgeous glass gems, or find the perfect wine bottle holiday light for your home. Every wine bottle light is unique because it is hand-crafted from start to finish. We have a gift for everyone on your list. Every item is hand-crafted! We have our Dip-N-Sip Gourmet Wine dip mixes that are designed to have you add wine right into the dip mix when you make it. Each recipe and flavor was created by us--nothing is commercial or mass-produced. Each dip mix package makes 4 cups of dip and there are 16 great flavors to sample. We have lots of home decor including cork coasters, stemless wine glasses, cutting boards and hot pads, trivets and even wine and beer decorated socks.