Cedar Lake Teas

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Booth: 135
905 N. Knowles Ave.
Suite B
New Richmond, WI 54017

Cedar Lake Teas is an independent brand located in New Richmond, WI. Our team hand blends premium whole-leaf, 100% organic teas and herbs in small batches for the freshest taste at an affordable price. 100% organic means our teas are blended using ingredients that are certified organic by the supplier and through MOSA - our organic certification experts. We do not use artificial ingredients, colors, sweeteners, we are non-gmo and many of our teas are fair trade. We're a company made of parents, partners and friends who are inspired by the goodness of the earth and are passionate about sharing our teas with you.

We hope you find your favorite with us! Come over to our booth for samples of our unique tea blends and our new mocktail/cocktail teas.

Thank You Cedar Lake Teas

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